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We provide education and
comprehensive support to
people infected with or who
are affected by HIV/AIDS
in the Big Bend region.

We are fortunate to have
partnerships & relationships
with quality businesses
helping us to achieve our
mission every day.

8 Counties in
the Big Bend

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I'm HIV Positive. Now What?

You are not alone. Big Bend Cares is here to support you.


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Big Bend Cares also provides FREE and confidential rapid testing for HIV and Syphilis.


Confidential. Free HIV Testing.

Know your status in as little as 30 minutes. Call 850-354-8765 to schedule an appointment.

Our Impact

In 2019, Big Bend Cares was able to provide the following to Gadsden, Jefferson, Leon, Liberty, Madison, Franklin, Taylor, and Wakulla Counties:

Clients Served
Food Bags Distributed
Units of Transportation Provided
Prescriptions Provided
Clients received housing assistance
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Big Bend Cares
Big Bend Cares
Mental health and substance use disorders can create barriers for patients taking HIV medication. Clinicians: help patients understand they are #NotAlone by connecting them to culturally competent support services.
Big Bend Cares
Big Bend Cares
If you’re pregnant—or are thinking about starting a family—get tested for #HIV. If you’re positive, careful prenatal care including the use of meds for the mother can reduce the risk of passing HIV to the baby to 2% or less.
Big Bend Cares
Big Bend Cares
HIV is manageable. People living with HIV who take their medications every day, exactly as prescribed, and maintain a suppressed viral load, can live long and healthy lives. This is known as #TreatmentAsPrevention.

Achieving and maintaining an undetectable HIV viral load will keep your immune system strong and you healthy. It also means that you won't transmit HIV to your sexual partners as long as U remain undetectable. #EndTheEpidemic BigBendCares photo

A positive #HIV diagnosis can leave you feeling incredibly overwhelmed and distressed. It's important you immediately seek out the emotional support and treatment options available to you. Discover more at BigBendCares photo

Knowledge is key! Know how #syphilis is spread and how to protect yourself and your partners: #knowyourstatus BigBendCares photo

Did you know 1 in 7 people are unaware of their HIV status. Take matters into your own hands and always bring a condom. #knowyourstatus BigBendCares photo