HIV Cure Research Lacks Diversity From the Earliest Stages, Scientists Warn

From The Body Pro: Too many researchers working on a cure for HIV neglect to sample populations that represent people who are most affected by HIV, according to a recently published report from George Washington University. The authors reveal that only half of the scientific publications reviewed reported any demographic data from their study populations. “Given…

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NIH launches clinical trial of three mRNA HIV vaccines

From NIH: The National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases (NIAID), part of the National Institutes of Health, has launched a Phase 1 clinical trial evaluating three experimental HIV vaccines based on a messenger RNA (mRNA) platform—a technology used in several approved COVID-19 vaccines. NIAID is sponsoring the study, called HVTN 302, and the NIAID-funded…

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Thomas Hicks Naming 2

Exam Room #1 Named in Honor of Dr. Thomas L. Hicks

Pictured: Robert Stuart, Dr. Thomas Hicks’ partner, standing next to the plaque naming Exam Room #1 at Care Point Health & Wellness Center   “To have a room or area named after you at Care Point is the ultimate tribute and recognition,” says Stanley Kahn II, Board President.   Dr. Thomas L. Hicks was both…

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Woman is cured of HIV in huge breakthrough for virus treatment

From independent.co.uk:   Scientists appear to have cured HIV in a woman for the first time, making her the third person to be cured. A group of American researchers used a new method of transplanting stem cells that they hope could be administered to dozens of people every year. The woman, who is of mixed…

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