Thank you for your interest in a career with Big Bend Cares. All job openings are listed below. To apply, please forward your resume to Zuleika Perera, Chief Talent Officer, at


LOCATION:  Big Bend Cares 


TYPE OF POSITION: Full-time (Monday-Friday 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.) 

GENERAL FUNCTION: The Chief Financial Officer (CFO) of a Big Bend Cares is responsible for the planning, implementation, managing and running of all the finance activities of the organization, including business planning, budgeting, forecasting and negotiations.  


  • Oversees accounting functions in the office. 
  • Oversees purchase order processes. 
  • Oversees cash flow and ensures timely payments. 
  • Prepares monthly financial statements. 
  • Prepares the fiscal portion of grant proposals and reports. 
  • Supervises fiscal portion of Fiscal Assistant. 
  • Attends and participates in Administrative and board meetings. 
  • Attends conferences and interagency meetings as required and necessary. 
  • Assists and advises the CEO on fiscal decisions for the agency. 
  • Coordinates the annual budget with the CEO. 
  • Prepares budget and financial material for the board. 
  • Provides assistance and guidance to the management team as regards to their prospective budgets. 
  • Monitors grant and program expenditures. 
  • Prepares budget and revisions and amendments for grants. 
  • Obtains bids and quotes for purchases as needed. 
  • Prepares and is responsible for all fiscal audits. 
  • Advises CEO on all outside fiscal changes. 
  • Develops and updates all internal fiscal policies. 
  • Process payroll and deposit checks when needed. 
  • Responsible for agency IT systems and needs. 
  • Maintains inventory of agency property.
  • All other duties as required and needed. 



Operational Knowledge, Leadership Skills, Computational Skills, Interpersonal Skills, Legal Compliance, Employee Development Knowledge, Administration and Management Knowledge, Customer and Personal Service, Financial Analysis, Certification, Logistics Knowledge, Industry Knowledge, Accounting Knowledge, IT Knowledge, Public Speaking, Problem Solving, Plan Implementation, Critical Thinking, Presentation Skills, Motivational Knowledge, Product Knowledge, Leadership, Time Management, Crisis Management, Risk Management, Exceptional Oral and Written Communication Skills, Budgeting and Sales Experience, Strategic Planning, Business Development.

POSITION TITLE: Medical Assistant

LOCATION: Care Point


TYPE OF POSITION: Full-time (Monday-Friday 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.)

GENERAL FUNCTION: Full-time Certified or Registered Medical Assistant for a fast paced medical office to perform various clinical duties to keep our practice running smoothly and efficiently. Our Medical Assistant will work closely with our clinic staff to ensure all patients receive high quality, efficient care.

•Documentation of data in EMR software
•Draw blood and collect specimens, label and process specimens for send-out
•Taking patient histories and vital signs and other room triage duties
•Administer injections, medications, eye and ear irrigations, dress/bandage wound and incisions
•Perform basic x-rays, EKG, spirometer and utilization of other medical equipment
•Preparing exam and treatment rooms between patients and after daily schedule
•Preparing and maintaining supplies, necessary instruments and equipment for treatments, including sterile technique and sterilization
•Performing selected administrative duties
•Any other duties assigned

EXPERIENCE: Two (2) years of experience and CPR/BLS certified is required

EDUCATION REQUIREMENTS: Medical Assistant certification

SUBMIT REQUEST TO: Zuleika Perera Chief Talent Officer